Day 8. Not sure why I thought of myself as a “lady in waiting”… No, not like the Christmas carol verse. More like I am currently a lady in waiting.

Waiting for things to happen to me, to others around me; just waiting. I don’t like to wait. I don’t want to be patient. Most especially, I don’t want anything bad to occur.

I wish I could shelter my family from all hardships and suffering. I want to prevent them from any illnesses. I don’t want any wrong to occur to them within their lifetime. I want to be able to fight all of their battles so that they can rest. It hurts me to think that I can’t do anything else for my family and friends.

I’m hurting and have nobody to tell. I need to speak to someone before I explode. I am just so grateful that I have such thoughtful and loving friends that support me no matter what.