Writing about my thoughts and my life is very difficult for me. These last 2 days were rough, but great. I was able to see my old boss and coworkers who have inspired me so much and have set the standard high for what it is like to work with an amazing team.

My heart has been ripped into a million pieces though. Having to say goodbye and get used to change is the worst. I am so happy for all the opportunities that they have been offered and the new adventures they will embark on. Still, I miss them EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s just so hard accepting and accustoming yourself to a new life.

I will forever cherish my time working with them and be eternally grateful for all that I was able to experience. I know I will never find a team like them ever again and even though that worries me, I know that they cannot be replaced.

You don’t just forget people who have made an imprint on your heart and an impact on your soul. Those are the people that will be with you always; maybe not physically, but in your thoughts, speech, and actions. They rub off on you and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

I aspire to be a person of that value. That’s the life I wish to live and want others to join me.