Insane how much loss has occurred over the past 2 days. People I knew, family members of close friends, and just people in the spotlight that have made an impact on the world. It has been a sad couple of days.

I realize that loss is inevitable and we all just go at some point; a time which none of us know. It’s so sad to think that at any given moment of any given day, loss could occur.

How often do we take each other for granted?! We wake up and go through life so routinely, constantly forgetting how blessed we are for everything we have. Especially the smallest things we overlook daily! It is complete madness.

How do I overcome the natural reaction of caring for a moment, then proceeding to no longer worry about others who are not in my life? How can I let my heart become so cold?

I need to be sympathetic and empathetic! Beyond that, I need to take action and change my own ways. Rid myself of the selfishness within. It’s just so hard! It’s difficult to get rid of the desire to acquire more material possessions. To simply WANT more when what I have is more than I really need.

I’m still working on that. I’ll get it down one day, hopefully.