Today I accomplished a lot.

I actually wanted to word that sentence in a different way. Something more along the lines of “I didn’t finish half of what I planned to do toady,” but I’m trying to be positive and grant myself some grace. Amazing how the wording of a simple sentence such as that can change your thoughts of yourself so much.

I have felt like I was drowning all day and instead of complaining, I took each task and tried to tackle it as best as possible. I might have said “I’m tired” once today, but for the most part, I remained positive and didn’t complain. This is huge for me.

How often do we become so frustrated and just start complaining about all the work we still have yet to complete, how long our to-do lists are, how people continue to pile more and more work onto our plates. It’s difficult to get out of that habit!!

I read a quote that really changed my mindset. It said something along the lines of “instead of saying I’m sorry for being late,’ I will choose to say ‘thank you for waiting for me.'” The quote went on, but those words stayed with me and keep popping into my head. Not only are you changing your words, but you’re molding your thoughts and the thoughts of those you are speaking to by helping them think in a more positive way.

I can’t rightfully complain about work if I chose this profession. My dad has always told me the quote by Confucius, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Mother Teresa said if there is no love in your work, then it is pointless. Therefore, if I truly love my job as much as I say I do and believe in my heart that I do, I must take it all in and give more of myself. Give until it hurts, in the words of Mother Teresa.

I want so bad to make a difference, but I know it isn’t up to me to decide that. God will use me as a vessel of his love as long as I allow myself to be an instrument of his work. I have to do it. Even on the days when all I want to do is cry because I am so overwhelmed, I will take a step back and breathe, and remind myself that God is in control.

Everything will be okay.