Day 51. I celebrated another year of life with the solar eclipse!

I am so grateful for today. I’m thankful for my life itself, for being able to wake up another day and make it through, my family and friends who both care for me so much, and for experiencing small but impactful things today.

I got to see the eclipse! My 97 year old grandfather called me to wish me a happy birthday. I was able to spend another day of life with my aunt who has limited time left with us, my parents sent me roses to work, my coworkers bought me 2 cakes, and I started work again. I have a new found love for all things that are often overshadowed. Just as in how the moon overshadowed the sun today and still be beautiful, I am able to find beauty in the small things that get passed over.

Not many people care about talking to their grandparents. Not many people will spend their birthday in a hospital room with their ill relative. Not many people find it substantial to get just a small meal for dinner that is inexpensive and sit their in gym shorts and a t-shirt on their birthday.

I am not many people. I enjoy the small things in life. And I even got to smell the roses today (after they were delivered to me at work of course).