Days 57-58. Harvey turned into a tropical storm, but hit us harder than we could ever imagine. My neighborhood, my city, my state… all submersed. Everything is under water. Everything is drenched. Not many places are accessible for food and even if they are, there aren’t many goods left.

I literally cannot put my feelings into words. There is nothing I could ever write that could express my emotions towards our situation. From the outside looking in, nobody can really comprehend the feeling without also having gone through something similar. From the inside looking out… only hope.

It’s surreal having been in that “outside perspective” before, witnessing people on the news suffer through various tragedies or natural disasters and being able to do nothing about it. And those were all places far away from home. Now imagine being in the city that is being affected and still being unable to do as much as you wish you could. It’s unbearable.

I am so fortunate and blessed that my street does not flood while others just a block away are under water. I watch as my school is taking on more and more water. I hurt hearing my students are losing their homes and are having to evacuate because everything is under water. I constantly check in with my family and friends to make sure that they are still doing ok! My heart can’t handle anymore.

And it’s still raining. And it’s still going to continue raining for a couple more days.

I haven’t broken down yet. I haven’t allowed myself to cry. Instead, I have gathered a group of friends and opened a shelter space at a nearby location. We’ve gathered donations. And tomorrow I will wait all day if I have to in order to be able to help even just one person. I will not stand idle. I just can’t stand by and do nothing.

If someone is reading this, I’m not sure if anyone is, but if you are, please consider donating to help my city and state. Please donate to the Red Cross if you can. Donate to any organization of your choice! But most especially, donate your time in praying for us. Prayer is the smallest gesture that yields the greatest result.

God is with us in the storm and in the calm.