Days 59-61. Blogging from the disaster relief distribution center I helped set up.

I don’t think people can understand how such a tragic, unfortunate natural disaster that affected so many people could be a miracle, but it is. Here’s why:

1. Deep down, people have good hearts.

I sent out a simple post on Facebook and it caught like wildfire. It is true that when you ask, God will provide. People came from EVERYWHERE to donate their goods, time, and even home-cooked meals! Literally everywhere. As in, people are coming from Arkansas tomorrow just to cook for us. ARKANSAS. We have received donations from over 200 people over the past 4 days. People want to help. People want to give. People want to rebuild and rekindle hope in others. Without events like Harvey, most people wouldn’t show the goodness within.

2. God provides, man!!!

Given the opportunity and space, God will work his magic. Letting go and trusting that God will provide is the hardest thing ever, but everybody learned that lesson during Harvey. The people we are serving learned it by losing EVERYTHING and then relying on strangers to provide them with everything they need. From clothing to tooth brushes, baby diapers to school supplies… God provided. I learned it by just trusting God in knowing that if I had the desire to help, he would take it from there. I’m but a vessel of God’s great love and work.

3. Love is everywhere. Kindness is shown!

Ever notice how much people try to be extra kind, extra thankful, extra humble, extra understanding, extra aware of one’s blessings, and just plain extra loving towards others after a disaster? Why do we wait for the worst to come to get out and help? This should be an action that is recurring and constant in our daily lives. We should always be patient with others enough to be loving and understanding of their situations. People don’t only suffer tragedies at the exact same times as others. Everyone is constantly fighting a battle that we know nothing about. Love and kindness should always be spread. ALWAYS.

4. God strengthens his workers.

We have served over 500 people in the past 4 days. We are open 12 hours a day and we have been working those straight with very minimal breaks. We have 2 days left. I’m exhausted, but the good kind of tired! God will keep you going even when you are rolling on about 5 hours of sleep and 3 cups of coffee. After all, he blessed us with the coffee bean for a reason.

I can’t explain what this experience has been like for me. I just want to cry and laugh and hug people and scream and jump for joy all in one. I can’t think of a good word to describe that feeling, but I can describe me right now… blessed.