It is done. I wonder how tired Jesus actually was when he said those words before he died on the cross. He had worked so hard to bring his father’s love to people and I can imagine that some of those people were probably hard to love or talk to. So how did he did it?

Yes, Jesus is divine and that’s probably a huge factor as to why he was able to love others the way he did, but he was still human. Though the loving part might have come easy, the liking part was probably hard. Sometimes people are just hard to like! Sometimes they do or say things that really don’t sit well with us. But we have to love them anyway.

This was a lesson I learned while running the disaster relief distribution center this week. Sometimes people came in and they were understanding and appreciative of the goods we did have and those we were out of. Other times, people would get mad at us and leave. It was a hard week, but we did it.

We were able to help about 325 families this entire week. It was nice being able to see that hope was being restored in their hearts. But some people were hard to deal with. So how did Jesus do it?

It seems counter-intuitive, but when we pray for patience, we are often met with situations that require us to be patient. And boy, was I met with those situations this week.

I hope serving his people will help me get God’s attention. I do it all to praise and glorify God.