I’m not good with writing when everything is going bad. That’s probably when I should write the most, but it’s hard.

The transition from our school to the new building we are in has been more than rough. I cannot express how tough it has been to manage. Hurricane Harvey did more damage than what is visible on tv or the internet. Nobody really understands how much of a change we have had to make.

I don’t like coming to work anymore. I don’t like pretending that everything is okay or will get better when it continuously gets worse. And I definitely don’t enjoy not knowing what will happen from day to day.

We are living in a mystery and trying our best just to survive. I don’t know how anyone expects us to teach without necessary resources. I really don’t know how anyone expects our students to learn when they have to spend each day worrying about new things that they didn’t have to worry about before. Constantly stressed. Always tired.

It’s hard. I feel like I’m failing at what I’m doing. I don’t even know if I want to continue working in this anymore. How do I know I’m even helping these students?

Tomorrow is a new day.