I think I’ve finally accepted that I don’t NEED to have someone to love. I don’t NEED to look for someone. I also don’t NEED to sit by and wait for them to come to me. If something is meant to be, it WILL be. And that’s all there is to know.

There isn’t too much I have to do besides continue to live and be myself. I have decided that I will be myself despite what other people think. I don’t care to please anyone anymore. I wonder why I ever did to begin with…

I know I am a hard worker. I know when I speak I should expect to own up to my words as well. I don’t mind people questioning me based on things they don’t know because I will own up and explain myself. If they choose to not agree or accept things, then so be it. I can’t force anyone to like me or think a certain way about me. And I don’t care to stand by and try to convince them of anything either.

I am me. That is the only person that I can be. I’ve started to feel more comfortable showing who I truly am with people I work with, friends I spend my time with, people I date, and those I simply come across on a daily basis. It’s hard sometimes to bare yourself to the world… to let others see you and have them not like something.

I’ve learn to take it. I know that people will talk about me behind my back and say things that I don’t agree with, but they believe because they simply don’t like me for who I am. I have to be ok with that. It’s hard, but it’s a must.