Days 89-91. I have to get this off my chest. I am drowning. I am struggling. I am stressed. I am broken. I am tired. I am lonely.

I think the last statement isn’t entirely accurate. I FEEL lonely is a better way of expressing that feeling. How often are we around people all day and feel alone? Feel like nobody understands what we’re going through? Feel like there’s no point in trying to express yourself of explain what’s going on. I am there right now.

I don’t think there is any way to accurately express in enough detail the things that I am dealing with on a daily basis at work due to us being relocated because of the hurricane. Something new and crazy happens everyday.

Since Monday to today (Thursday), one of my favorite kids has been arrested and will likely be locked up for many years, one of the cheerleaders on my squad got into a fight and is now off the team, I haven’t had a chance to simply plan with my team about what we are teaching and our new teachers are completely lost, my students aren’t comprehending information I’m trying to teach them without a working computer/internet or a projector, I have woken up to news that my former student went missing, and I have averaged a max of 6 hours of sleep per night.

It’s been very hard adjusting to our new building. I am grateful for my best friends for letting my vent and get my mind off of work. I am trying to do better about not using my phone in front of my kids or around friends. I want to be mindful of their time.

I’m still working on being patient and listening to others. I am not completely there, but small steps will help.