Navigating through the murky waters of love. I’m tired of hurting others and I’m tired of being hurt.

I still haven’t been convinced.

I am constantly reminded of the character “Summer” from the movie “100 Days of Summer”… I feel that I resemble her so much with my actions when it comes to men.

Am I wrong though? Either I shut everybody out completely, or I give someone a chance and end up not feeling it while they end up failing deeply for me and then I hurt them when I tell them I’m no longer interested.

I think I’d rather be alone forever than ever hurt someone again. I dont want to be a “lesson” and I don’t want their mindsets on love to be changed because of me.

I don’t get why I get so caught up and try to make things work, then just back out. It’s almost as if nobody is ever for me… nobody is ever exactly what I’m looking for.

Do I need to change my standards? I know I don’t ask for much… but I feel like what I need is impossible in this day and age.

I simply want a man who is devoted to God. That’s all.

Why is that so hard to find?