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Days 282-327. I haven’t written in over a month. I have to get better at this.

Today is Grandpa’s birthday. I miss him more than ever. I felt him around me all day, but all I wanted was to sit in the recliner next to his and read while he watched tv like I used to do. He would give me a side glance and wonder what I was doing, then turn and take a nap.

I wish he was still here with us. I want to laugh at his jokes and mannerisms. I want to eat next to him and watch him put too much pepper on his eggs. I want to make him his cup of coffee and let him tell me how much milk he wants in it.

But he’s in Heaven now. He’s enjoying true happiness. An immeasurable amount of joy that he deserves.

I love him. I’ll always love him and want to see him again. He will always be my number one favorite person. I’ll never forget him. Ever.


Days 153-157. I’m staring out of my window at the Christmas lights that are twinkling on and off.

It reminds me of my feelings about the holidays. They look so pretty from the outside looking in, but from the inside looking out they’re annoying.

I wish I didn’t have these random mood swings. What if I am bipolar? Is it really just stress?

I’m exhausted. These last 2 days took a lot out of me. With grandma’s wake service and funeral, I didn’t have much to give to others today. I felt out of it. I still do.

I know that God can help fix my feelings and emotions, but I’m not done ruining my life yet. Isn’t that how it works? We do stuff and then get so far down the rabbit hole that we don’t know how to get ourselves out.

And then once we have made a complete mess of everything, we look up from the muck we are in and tell God to fix it.

And if he doesn’t choose to fix it, then we blame him and say it’s all his fault when nothing happens.

And that’s how life works.

And I hope it stops soon.

Days 149-152. I’ve had so much trouble getting myself to write lately. I don’t know where I’m at. I guess I can start with this week, maybe?

This week was _______________.

No idea what I should fill in the blank with.

Long? Crappy? Rough? Terrible?

All of the above?

I hate everything at the moment. The only good thing going on is my boyfriend. But I’ve had so many troubles with that already I almost want to give it up.

My family life is crap. I don’t even have a family. Just me and my mom, and even she turns away from me sometimes. Especially now knowing about my boyfriend and her disapproval of his religion.

My brothers only worry about their own lives. I could die and they probably wouldn’t find out on their own until next month; that’s how rare it is that they talk to me.

My dad decided this week that he doesn’t have to deal with his issues or with our family so he will just run away instead of resolving things. Which is what he did at 11 pm the night before Thanksgiving.

I spent the entire Thanksgiving day laying in my bed, crying on and off about my life and how much I have grown to dislike the holidays.

I used to love the holidays. I loved the season. I loved how my family would unite and spend the day together talking and laughing. Now, we don’t even see each other. And when we do talk, it’s mostly arguments and judgements placed upon each other.

I don’t ever want to compare, but I see other families and their ability to talk and be around each other all day and not argue or fight and I wonder why we can’t be the same. Why can’t we be normal and sane?

Maybe one day I will have a family of my own and I will be able to unite us all together. Maybe not.

Until then I will try not to take for granted all the blessings I have, whether appreciated or not.

Days 35-36. Dad left today. Seven months later and it took me until now to realize how much it hurts me that I don’t get to see him everyday. I miss his sense of humor, his scent, his willingness to put himself out there even if others will think he’s strange, his bluntness, his random hugs and kisses, his declarations of love to my mother, and the list goes on.

I know I want him here out of my own selfish desire, but it’s just so difficult going from him being a constant in my days to barely seeing him at all. I wish things were different, but I will continue to push on and try to remain strong.

We had prayer night tonight and it occurred to me that God has been talking to me all along while I have been sitting here waiting for “signs” and other means of communication from him. We sat in silence for 15 minutes and it was a challenge trying to get my brain to stop working and allow me to hear God’s voice. But still he was there in my struggles, talking to me, acknowledging my efforts in trying to hear him.

Sometimes God doesn’t say much. Sometimes, all he does is point out your distractions. All the things that are keeping you from getting closer to him.

I have been frustrated trying to navigate through this chapter in life. Hoping to understand why God allowed things to happen in my family and have my dad pulled away.  Begging him to make everything okay when things feel like they are crashing down.

Navigating through life is like sailing with no map and no concept of where you might be. But Jesus says he is the way, the truth, and the life. He knows the plan already. He knows how everything is going to turn out. We just need to believe that everything is going to work for his glory and our benefit, no matter the circumstance.

Yes, the situation my family has been placed in is unfortunate, but I will not give up hope and I will not stop praising God through this storm.


Insane how much loss has occurred over the past 2 days. People I knew, family members of close friends, and just people in the spotlight that have made an impact on the world. It has been a sad couple of days.

I realize that loss is inevitable and we all just go at some point; a time which none of us know. It’s so sad to think that at any given moment of any given day, loss could occur.

How often do we take each other for granted?! We wake up and go through life so routinely, constantly forgetting how blessed we are for everything we have. Especially the smallest things we overlook daily! It is complete madness.

How do I overcome the natural reaction of caring for a moment, then proceeding to no longer worry about others who are not in my life? How can I let my heart become so cold?

I need to be sympathetic and empathetic! Beyond that, I need to take action and change my own ways. Rid myself of the selfishness within. It’s just so hard! It’s difficult to get rid of the desire to acquire more material possessions. To simply WANT more when what I have is more than I really need.

I’m still working on that. I’ll get it down one day, hopefully.

It is very hard to see your family grow up and grow apart. Cousins you were once close with, aunts and uncles who used to call… all moved away and living their lives. Just difficult.

I wish I could preserve time. I wish I could make moments last longer. Keep us all together. But that’s not how life works.

How do people go days or weeks or even months without talking to their loved ones? Making other replaceable people a priority, putting their work first, simply finding something else that is more important… I don’t understand.

The only thing that is certain is that life will pass even if you aren’t going along with it. We just have to choose how we make the most of our time and with who we spend it with.

I’m getting bad about writing everything down. I just get so overwhelmed and I don’t want to do anything or talk to anyone. It’s crazy how all I want is for others to hear me out, but I can’t even get myself to want to be around people. That only makes my struggle with anxiety worse.

Over these past two days, I have struggled with knowing my self-worth. Though I feel God reminding me in small ways that I matter. I am trying to listen to his voice rather than outside influences. It is extremely difficult.

After a few long and stressful weeks, I stuck with my decision of not joining my mother on a vacation trip and instead coming to help my father with my grandparents. I still don’t know if it was the right choice to let my mother go alone, especially after all of her attempts to persuade me to go. But I do feel in my heart that my choice was unselfish and for the right reasons (if that even means anything to anyone these days).

Yet I still find myself trying to run away from what I feel is obligation. I don’t know if I’m putting that pressure on myself, or if it just comes along with the situation. Hard to tell. I’m hanging in there.

I feel that I am extending myself to my breaking point. Actually, I reached it yesterday. It wasn’t this awakening sensation where it suddenly dawned on me or anything. I just broke down. I wasn’t able to understand why things kept going wrong when I felt that I was trying my hardest to do things right.

The Lord tends to put me in situations where I have to remain patient. Again and again I am reminded that there are always reasons to smile, even when things are ugly. Sometimes it could be something that seems to insignificant to others, like getting your breakfast for free in the drive thru, but I know that is how God speaks: through little actions that make big impacts.