Days 55-56. I’m worried about my father and grandfather. They are in the direct path of hurricane Harvey. I’m constantly praying for their safety and well-being.

Everyone has been so negative when it comes to the hurricane. It’s going to destroy homes and flood our areas! Why did it have to come hit us, why couldn’t it have gone in another direction, etc.

I see it as more of a time for rebirth and growth. A time to pause and relax. A time to take in the sounds of the rain and thunder. A chance to acknowledge God’s great power.

I am reminded of the story of the disciples on the boat and they come upon a huge storm. Obviously they begin to freak out, and when they look over to call for Jesus, they find him fast asleep, unbothered by anything. They begin to panic because the storm is rough and they are right in the midst of it. Finally, Jesus awakens, curious as to why they are panicking. He asks and reminds them, “Why are you worried?” ┬áThen Jesus commands for the wind and rain to stop and all is calm.

Didn’t they know that the son of God was present and can calm all storms? So why did they panic?

Isn’t that true for us too? We focus so much on the events in front of us that we forget who our help is. Just like the disciples, we panic when things get crazy. We feel like we are drowning and that the storm is going to take us under. But we need to remember that the person saving us isn’t intimidated by our storms. So neither should we be.

It’s hard to let go and let God take control. It’s even harder to believe that he will calm our storms, especially when they are a category 4 hurricane coming straight for you. Whether it be a real storm or the storm within us that we have to endure, the savior is still the same. Like the disciples wondered, “Who is this, that even the wind and rain should listen to him?” It’s the same God who will do the same for us.

Though it may seem like the last thing to do, sometimes we just need to stop and embrace the storm. Enjoy our time on the ride. Go out and play in the rain. After all, it isn’t until we get wet that we finally feel alive.